Season 4- London 1960 and Detroit 2015

Only a few days before the USA start of Call the Midwives- Season 4. I am most pleased that National PBS has picked up this blog to feature on its web site. I am hoping that this new exposure will lead to new readers and add depth and perspective to your viewing experience as well […]

FINALE: The Circle of Life

By Katie Moriarty, PhD, CNM, CAFCI The arrival of new life eclipses everything.  When all goes well the room is filled with happiness and all the pain that went before is forgotten.  Where there was mystery there is knowledge– where there was fear there is love. The finale was filled with the circle of life […]

Endings and Beginnings

Jenny Lee ends her career as a midwife. Chummy’s Mater, Lady Brown finds herself at the end of her life. The Turners successfully end their search for a baby. So season 3 ends. Jeez. Sigh. Hiccup. Excuse me. Harrumph. Cough. Endings. Can. Be. Sad. How do I explain that Jenny Lee’s transition of interest from […]

True Midwifery is…?

What does it mean to be a midwife? What is true midwifery? In episode 7 Jenny Lee returns and must maneuver the rigid routines of the London hospital maternity ward. Sister Morgan, the head midwife makes it very clear that midwifery at The London is not like the District Midwifery Jenny has known. So Jenny […]

May 5th, 2014 was Nurses Day and the International Day of the Midwife

On May 5 each year we ask the world to focus on the role of midwives and midwifery. The 2014 theme for the International Day of the Midwife 2014 is “Midwives changing the world one family at a time”!! It sends a strong signal that midwives provide care that changes families, communities and the world […]

Breathe, Baby, Breathe

I really try to watch CTM as any other person and just let the drama unfold. But inevitably the midwife inside creeps out and I find myself talking to the characters like an armchair quarterback. “Trixie, put that baby up on Mom’s chest!” I directed toward the TV during the birth scene in episode 6. […]


Two elements in Episode 5 had me nodding my head and chuckling in recognition. The first is how so darned stressfull it is when someone needs to take time off. The work doesn’t stop, babies don’t stop being born, people continue to need to be cared for. Everyone in our practice feels responsible for this. […]