Detroit Pubic Television introduces local midwives to discuss their role in modern obstetrics and how things have changed in relation to the 1950’s era Call the Midwife.


Katie Moriarty (CNM, PhD, CAFCI) is a Clinical Assistant Professor and the Associate Director of the Nurse Midwifery education program at the University of Michigan School of Nursing. She has been a nurse-midwife since 1992 and has attended births in and outside of the hospital setting.  Her undergraduate nursing education is from the University of Windsor (Ontario, Canada), and her Master’s and PhD degrees are from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She was the first CNM to be certified by the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (AFCI).

Midwife means ‘with woman’ and I feel honored to be a partner with women and their families through this amazing life event. Pregnancy and birth are powerful times, and when we act as a team to address the mind, body, and spirit we can optimize that power and strengthen the individual woman, their family, and our communities.  Each woman is unique and deserves respect and accurate information based on the best evidence available to make informed decisions as they travel their path to motherhood.”

Deborah McBain (CNM, MS, BSN, RN) is a nurse-midwife and has been practicing in Metro Detroit as a certified nurse-midwife for nearly 20 years. For many years before her midwifery career she practiced as an RN in Obstetrics and counts teaching childbirth education and nursing/midwifery student preceptor among her varied experiences.

McBain graduated from Wayne State University -Detroit with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Science and from the Case Western University- Cleveland with a Master’s Degree.  She received her midwifery education through Frontier Nursing Service, Community-based Nurse-Midwifery Education Program (CNEP)- in Hyden, Ky.   She began her midwifery career at an out-of-hospital birth center and currently catches babies at Henry Ford Hospital located near downtown Detroit.

I am humbled by the trust that families consistently have in midwives to safely guide them through the journey of pregnancy and birth.  It is trust that must be reciprocated to be valuable.  Midwives must also trust women and the process of birth. It is a sacred mutual trust that has spanned history.  I am honored to be part of this ongoing story of women, birth and life.

Past Contributors

Elizabeth (Tish ) Roeske CNM, MS, BSN, RN is a nurse-midwife and has been practicing in Metro Detroit as a certified nurse-midwife for 20 years.

Roeske graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Science and from the University of Illinois-Chicago with a Master’s Degree in Science for Nurse-Midwife. She has practiced what is called “full scope midwifery-prenatal” care, attended births, postpartum care, and gynecological care including contraception annual gynecology exams and menopausal care.

I have a special love for the delivery part; there is something truly remarkable about seeing a baby coming into the world.” Roeske says about being a nurse-midwife.

A significant part of what a nurse-midwife does is to teach women about how their body works, how to gain optimal health at all points along their life and that is what Roeske tries to accomplish as a nurse-midwife.

Andrea Stadnicar MS, RN, CNM is a nurse-midwife who graduated in April of 2012 from the University of Michigan Nurse Midwifery program. Before becoming a midwife, she worked as a nurse in the emergency department and also in labor & delivery.

Andrea currently works as a full-scope midwife with the Providence Nurse Midwives part-time, and continues to work for Nurse Family Partnership, an organization that provides supportive and educational home visits for at-risk women in Detroit who are pregnant with their first baby. She loves working one-on-one with pregnant moms and forming a trusting relationship with them to work toward the goal of a healthy mom and healthy baby.

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