Touching Lives

Like the main character Jenny Lee, I will never forget Nonnatus House and the stories of the lives that were touched by the midwives. Watching the beautifully produced and well written show has been a pleasure. It also makes me stop and remember all the wonderful stories I have been a part of as a […]

The Good Bits

There is something especially right about watching Call the Midwife on Mothers’ Day, especially as I am about to head into the hospital to help deliver the baby of a colleague and soon-to-be first time mom. Fans of Call the Midwife rave about how good the show is, how accurate it is from a historical […]


Pregnant women do not exist in a vacuum. The stresses and needs of a women’sfamily will affect her pregnancy and labor. I am continually amazed at how a woman can power through and do what needs to be done during a pregnancy and delivery. In season two, episode six of Call the Midwife, Jenny Lee, […]

Episode 5: Tell Dr. Turner that a woman has had a miscarriage and call an ambulance

In Episode 5 the community prepares for the annual Summer Fete including a baby show.  Nora Harding, an impoverished mother of eight has an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy while Jenny is confronted with the legalities involved surrounding this in the late 1950s.  Nora takes matters into her own hands and the consequences are almost dire.  […]