R.S.V.P. and Acceptance

When a midwife accepts an invitation there should be a special place to mark “cannot attend,” “attend” (not on call) or “maybe attend” (on call). Chummy misses her date to meet Peter’s mother to be the midwife to a pig. While I have never had that experience, I have missed my share of dates, school […]

“Love is Both Pain and Joy”

“Love is both pain and joy,” could have been the tag line of episode four of“Call theMidwife.” The young midwives Jennie and Cynthia observe the dynamic nature of love and childbirth. The pain of the contractions and the joy when the baby is finally out are the opposites of the same coin.  As a nurse […]

Community and Home

Community and home came across to me as themes of episode three of “Call the Midwife”.  Jenny learns that what she defines as a comfortable home if different than what many of her clients consider home. Like preterm birth, homelessness and unsafe housing are still problems 70 years later. Her friend Jimmy is essentially homeless […]

Sacred Birth

I believe that every single birth is sacred in its own way, and the second episode of “Call the Midwife” really drove that point home. So often, it’s not exactly how the events happen, but it’s the love and support that a mother and her family feel during a birth that make the event so […]

You Make Them Feel Safe

“Call the Midwife” delivered what we in the business call “pearls of wisdom” yet again.  This week the line “you make them feel safe” resonates with me. In the episode, the obstetrician is describing to the new midwife, Chummy, a patient’s tragic obstetric history in very clinical terms while the patient is present. Chummy recognizes […]